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Popular Polish Apple blogger. Editor in chief of MyApple Magazine. Archaeologist with master degree, who switched to technology many years ago. Active musician, father of two young Apple users.

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Apple has long convinced us that iPad is a computer. However, for an iPad to be such a computer, you need a keyboard. Apple offers its models, but there is strong competition on the market in the form of products well known to the readers of MyApple by Logitech. For many years Logitech has been supplying some of the best accessories, from mice to keyboards. The latter category also includes iPad cases equipped with a keyboard. In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to test one of the brand's latest products. Rugged Folio case for iPad 10.2" (7th generation) equipped with a keyboard.

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Monitors equipped with a USB-C socket with Power Delivery function allowing to charge the computer with one cable are becoming more and more common. However, not all monitors are compatible with every computer. Sometimes even the presence of a USB-C connector does not guarantee that you can connect it to your MacBook Pro with just one cable to transfer an image and charge your computer. Then you need to use a Display Port or HDMI adapter. So I appreciate those monitors that actually allow me to connect only one USB-C cable to my MacBook Pro and not to worry about anything else (of course I'm exaggerating here), and I had the opportunity to test it for the last two months. It was Philips Brilliance 329P9H.

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Thule travel accessories have been on my blog for years. Their hallmark is a very nice minimalist design, functionality and durability The backpacks I described five years ago still look like new. What's more, Thule has bags and backpacks for virtually every circumstance, I found that out recently when I was looking for something that I could conveniently pack my entire set of devices I use in my school programming lessons.

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Sonos speakers are well known to MyApple readers, recently we have described, among others, the Sonos One models. Recently the company presented its latest product, the Sonos Move speaker, which I had the opportunity to test intensively in recent weeks.

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I recently had the opportunity to test two Sonos One speakers connected in a stereo pair.

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Since last year, Apple has been quite strongly focused on games available on almost all devices, i.e. iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. This is evidenced by the Apple Arcade service, in which, within the framework of a monthly subscription, users have access to a constantly expanding list of games. Currently, it is already 128 titles. There are a lot of games among them, which are more addictive for a longer time and which are much better played with the use of a controller. There are quite a few of them, and one of the brands that should be well known to players playing on Apple devices is Steelseries. A few weeks ago, the successor of the popular controller of this brand, Nimbus+, was released. I had the opportunity to test it intensively playing games not only with Apple Arcade on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

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Last year I had the opportunity to test two LG smart TVs equipped with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support. These were: top shelf model - 55C9PLA - equipped with OLED screen and definitely cheaper, directed to people with much thinner wallets, model with NanoCell SM86 screen. Both models offered quality and capabilities adequate to their price. However, they had a certain "flaw", they lacked the Apple TV application, allowing access to both films and series offered in the Apple TV+ service, as well as to the iTunes store and user's library of films bought there. This has fortunately changed at the beginning of this year and LG TVs now have virtually everything that Apple can offer them. I found out about this by testing a mid-range TV in recent weeks when it comes to NanoCell LCD models. We are talking about the 55SM9010 model.

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Logitech mice are the best, and basta are the best - this kind of statement is not an idle talk thrown to the wind, although of course there will be those who do not agree with it. For years, however, the accessories of this company are often chosen by professionals who spend long hours at the computer. They are simply comfortable and very functional. One of the most popular are MX Master mice. Last year Logitech presented its third generation - MX Master 3. I had a chance to test it for the last two weeks.

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One of the darkest and most interesting titles currently available in Apple Arcade is "Overland". It's a kind of American road tale, where a group of random people often drive through the United States, or rather what's left of them. "Overland" is a game with a post-apocalyptic climate.

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"Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas" is one of the best - in my opinion - adventure games that have been created. Inspired by the classics (Legend of Zelda), the game was created for iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Nintendo Switch. The player played the role of a boy who, trying to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance, has to defeat the beasts living in the ocean, including the title monster - Oceanhorn. The action of the game took place on the islands of the archipelago formed after the fall and absorption by the ocean waters of the kingdom of Arcadia. "Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Old Realm" is the prequel of this story, because it presents events a thousand years earlier.

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Five years ago, in April, I got up very early in the morning. It was probably two o'clock when I got into the car. My goal was Berlin, and more precisely a certain exclusive boutique in the center, where the day after the official premiere, you could still buy a new revolutionary Apple product - the watch. The journey from Łódź to Berlin took me about six hours. Another four I stood in the queue to buy - as for communes - what they gave - Apple Watch 42 mm with an aluminum case and a silicone strap, i.e. sport version.