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Popular Polish Apple blogger. Editor in chief of MyApple Magazine. Archaeologist with master degree, who switched to technology many years ago. Active musician, father of two young Apple users.

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BWM i3 is probably one of the most recognizable electric cars. Manufactured for almost 7 years, it has lived to see a lift in i3s version. The differences, however, are in my opinion small compared to the REx model described on MyApple. BMW designers should really be praised for the fact that despite the passage of years this car still looks futuristic and eye-catching. I had a chance to drive the i3s model for the last few days.

A good office monitor is quite a key issue for many. It's not just about browsing the web or working in a text editor or spreadsheet, although in both cases it's also a big deal. A good office monitor is also a key issue for programmers who spend hours staring at lines of code written in one language or another. For me, who does both, it is of great importance. It is also important that such a monitor can be easily placed on your desk according to your needs and that it offers something more than just displaying an image. For the last few months my desk horse was a Philips Brilliance 272B QUB monitor.

Western Digital, a well-known storage manufacturer, has developed a new portable SSD from the popular My Passporrt series.

Sweden has been associated with good sound for years and I don't only mean rock and metal music (for which, apart from Abba, this country is famous), but also music and audio equipment. I've been even more convinced of this in the last few weeks. I had a chance to test a set of active Audio Pro A26 speakers with multi-room function.

Among the productions available in Apple Arcade you will find many so-called casual games, which are usually played to kill time, e.g. by train, bus, streetcar or subway, or as a passenger of a car, during rush hours when all vehicles are in traffic jams. It seems that there is nothing better for this occasion than the latest game "Mini Motorways" from the Dinosaur Polo Club studio, known from a similar game for iOS - "Mini Metro".

Recently I wrote about Logitech mouse- MX Master 3. This company has also prepared a new keyboard model, which together with that mouse will make a set. We are talking about MX Keys. But is this model completely new? In my opinion, no, and why I think so, I will explain later in this text.

A new title, The Survivalists, has appeared on the list of game announcements that will be available in the coming weeks in Apple Arcade.

Sonos brand products are regularly featured on the pages of MyApple. After the Sonos One and portable Sonos Move speakers, the time has come for the largest speaker in this manufacturer's offer. Model Play:5.

Setapp has been on the market for several years now. During this time the number of applications available in this service has significantly increased. Currently, there are already a hundred and several dozen of them, all for $9.99 a month. For all the applications available in Setapp that I currently use, I would pay as much as for a four-year subscription for this service. There are actually so many of them that the time has come to describe them all and dispel the doubts of skeptics who get goose bumps on the word "subscription".

It is amazing how the Mini Cooper story went. After all, it was a very cheap, common car for the British - on the day of its premiere it cost only 500 British pounds, which translates into the current 47500 PLN. This budget vehicle quickly became an object of cult. No wonder that it is no longer a budget car, but a premium car. The newest electric Mini Cooper Se, which has been available in Poland since April, clips the history of this brand. This small car was created as a response to the fuel crisis related to the blockade of the Suez Canal.

Among the games available in Apple Arcade, there was also a space shooter combined with turn-based RPG. Such a game is "Spaceland". The plot is quite simple and refers to the first two films from the "Alien" series. From the base located on a distant planet a warning signal is sent (like from a ship in the movie "Alien, the eighth passenger of Nostromo"), which is received by a team of star guards. After their landing, it turns out that the whole base is controlled by alien life forms. The player's task is to clean it up and save a few of its crew members still alive.