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Popular Polish Apple blogger. Editor in chief of MyApple Magazine. Archaeologist with master degree, who switched to technology many years ago. Active musician, father of two young Apple users.

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Apple announced yesterday that as many as three hundred thousand jobs have been created in the iOS application development market in the United States since April 2019. The data was developed by a non-profit organization The Progressive Policy Institute.

As previously announced, a new title appeared in Apple Arcade service - "The Last Campfire". However, the day when the new game has its premiere is a surprise - Thursday. Since the start of this service, the premieres have always taken place on Fridays. It is not clear whether the addition of a new game on Thursday is a result of a mistake, or whether Apple decided to postpone the premieres of new games to Thursday, so that they do not interfere with the premieres of films and series on Apple TV+.

In recent days, there have been photos of the alleged manual for the new iPad Air with a Face ID scanner and diagrams showing the probable device that will resemble current iPad Pro models. The editorial staff of the Slovakian SvetApple service has prepared graphics that show what it could look like.

On September 25th, Apple TV+ will host the premiere of the Israeli spy series "Tehran", which tells the story of the adventures of Mossad agent Tamara Rabinyan during a very dangerous mission in the Iranian capital. A few weeks before the premiere on the Apple TV channel on YouTube, Apple made its trailer available.